Cooperativa Finis Terrae is based in the Pavia Province and it collaborates with other entities in the field of immigration in Lombardy, northern Italy. Cooperativa  Finis Terrae deals with refugees and immigrants, helping them in the path for asylum seeking and social inclusion in Italy. Since 2014, the mission is to provide institutions, public and private agencies for social services, as well as immigrants with the correct information for the application for political asylum and to provide immigrants with a toolbox of language skills, training, and orientation for their life in Europe. In particular Cooperativa Finis Terrae, within the project…

Profesia Meeting in Slovakia

In order to obtain data potentially employable in the DISKOW project, IER SAS approached a private company – Profesia, administrating the dominant online job vacancy web in Slovakia. In exchange for extraction from their database of online job vacancies, the IER SAS agreed to explore the modelling options of predicting the attractiveness of online job vacancies published by Profesia. This task was of particular interest for Profesia, exploring the analytical background to further improve their services. The cooperation of IER SAS with Profesia not only provided the DISKOW project with the necessary data but also allowed the Slovak partner to…

Fondazione per lo Sviluppo dell´Oltrepó Pavese (FSOP)

The Foundation for the Development in Oltrepò Pavese works as a local development agency, dealing with representatives from public institutions, financial institutions, trade associations, cultural associations, the national health and social services, as well as schools and environmental groups.The overall mission is to promote initiatives and activities aimed at the economic, social and cultural growth of the Oltrepo Pavese community by leveraging specific local resources. In the mountains and hills of the alto Oltrepò Pavese area in particular, the Foundation has been promoting local development for almost 20 years and has created a network of public and private sector actors,…

Daniel Kudenko, L3S

Dr. Daniel Kudenko is a research group leader at the L3S ResearchCenter, Leibniz University Hannover, Germany. Before that he was amember of the Computer Science faculty at the University of York, agroup head at JetBrains Research and professor at the Saint PetersburgNational Research Academic University of the Russian Academy ofSciences. His research interests include machine (specificallyreinforcement) learning, multi-agent systems, user modeling, andartificial intelligence for games and interactive entertainment. Withinthese areas, he published more than 130 peer-reviewed papers.

Ivana Marenzi, L3S

Ivana Marenzi, PhD (F), is senior researcher at the L3S Research Centerof the University of Hannover, Germany. Throughout her career she hasspecialised in the relationship between technology and communication;her main area of research in Technology Enhanced Learning includes thesupport of collaborative and lifelong learning.