Istituto Santachiara CFP

The O.D.P.F. Istituto Santachiara CFP is a non-profit organization of the Diocese of Tortona with seats in Tortona, Voghera, Stradella, and Como, situated in the northwest of Italy, in the Oltrepò Pavese area. As a comprehensive institution, we manage education and vocational training centres, a scientific high school, a kindergarten, and a nursery. We also offer Education and Vocational Training for employment services in 5 locations and we are accredited and financed by the Lombardy Region. Our mission is to offer young people the opportunity to attend courses to obtain the Professional Qualification as Operators and the Professional technical Diploma…

Le Vele

Fondazione Le Vele is a non-profit organization that promotes initiatives in the field of training and active labour market policies. The Foundation is an Institution of Professional Training, accredited training and work in the Lombardy Region with strong local roots mainly in the province of Pavia and Lodi. It designs and manufactures guidance, training and support to the work aimed at the professional development of the person and the statement by the work contributing to local economic growth and social inclusion. The Foundation began in 2004 its work in the social sector, in education and business consulting public and private….