Cooperativa Finis Terrae is based in the Pavia Province and it collaborates with other entities in the field of immigration in Lombardy, northern Italy.

Cooperativa  Finis Terrae deals with refugees and immigrants, helping them in the path for asylum seeking and social inclusion in Italy. Since 2014, the mission is to provide institutions, public and private agencies for social services, as well as immigrants with the correct information for the application for political asylum and to provide immigrants with a toolbox of language skills, training, and orientation for their life in Europe.

In particular Cooperativa Finis Terrae, within the project “AttivAree – Oltrepo BioDiverso, in cooperation with Fondazione Sviluppo Oltrepo Pavese, promoted an integration path for refugees based on two steps: (a) professional training to acquire technical skills in farming and conservation of green spaces (b) free internship for all trainees, carried out into  companies in the agricultural and horticultural sectors.More recently, Cooperativa Finis Terrae started working with labour agencies to organize  training courses, job placement and internships for 30 international protection holders hosted in the SIPROIMI center in Casteggio.Cooperativa Finis Terrae also provides legal information and cultural mediation in social services, welfare services and school, through EU funded projects.