Fondazione per lo Sviluppo dell´Oltrepó Pavese (FSOP)

The Foundation for the Development in Oltrepò Pavese works as a local development agency, dealing with representatives from public institutions, financial institutions, trade associations, cultural associations, the national health and social services, as well as schools and environmental groups.
The overall mission is to promote initiatives and activities aimed at the economic, social and cultural growth of the Oltrepo Pavese community by leveraging specific local resources. In the mountains and hills of the alto Oltrepò Pavese area in particular, the Foundation has been promoting local development for almost 20 years and has created a network of public and private sector actors, who are actively involved in rural development.
The Foundation has a recent but interesting experience thanks to the project “Oltrepò Biodiverso” AttivAree Program ( In this project we are working in cooperation with FinisTerrae (ONG and social enterprise) on the job integration of 100 young refugees arrived to our rural territory in the context of the refugee crisis. They come from Gambia, Senegal, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Camerun, Mali, Nigeria, Costa D’Avorio, Pakistan, Somalia and Burkina Faso.