Institute of Economic Research (IER SAS)

The Institute of Economic Research (IER SAS) is one of the main suppliers of national, policy relevant research in Slovakia. It is also active at the European level. The Institute is a member of the European Network of Economic Policy Research Institutes (ENEPRI). Under this network, IER SAS has participated in several 7FP and Horizon 2020 projects. Most of the past projects were thematically linked to labour supply analysis, anticipation and forecasting. IER SAS is also well networked in focused expert networks relevant from the perspective of the project; such as the SkillsNet administered by CEDEFOP, the European Expert Network in Economics of Education – EENEE, NESET or European Educational Research Association. Under IER SAS a mico team of 5 (up to 7) researchers is focusing on skills assessment and forecasting. For this purpose, various approaches are being used. Econometric modelling, empirical analysis using administrative as well as survey data, web based information analysis.