Le Vele

Fondazione Le Vele is a non-profit organization that promotes initiatives in the field of training and active labour market policies. The Foundation is an Institution of Professional Training, accredited training and work in the Lombardy Region with strong local roots mainly in the province of Pavia and Lodi.

It designs and manufactures guidance, training and support to the work aimed at the professional development of the person and the statement by the work contributing to local economic growth and social inclusion.

The Foundation began in 2004 its work in the social sector, in education and business consulting public and private. It experimented successfully integrated methodologies for interventions designed to specific needs (analysis of training needs and skills by assisting consulting, training specialist to the definition of real long-term training plans).

Fondazione Le Vele is acting in partnership of the companies, the individual and institutions, seeking dialogue for integrated solutions to the educational needs in relation to the social context. It is active in the social and attentive to families, works with services aimed at the person, the education, training in business and public administration, promoting good practice and exchange of know-how of active policies, both at local and European level.

The Mission of Fondazione Le Vele is to facilitate the meeting between the needs of the individual, the enterprise and the territory, favoring the networking strategies among Training Institutions, Schools, Companies, Associations, Unions and Public Administration at the local, regional, national and EU level, in order to maximize the synergies between skills and qualities of all the subjects, contributing significantly to local economic development and social integration. Fondazione Le Vele is the leading partner of a Technological Professional Center- Polo Tecnico Professionale – that include over 30 partners between school, institutions, vocational and educational centers, university of Pavia and companies. The mission of the PTP is the creation of a connection point between the production sectors and the training, providing services and opportunities for meeting and discussion.

Fondazione Le Vele publishes the paper and ON-LINE journal FORMANOTIZIE (the journal of education, work and innovation) www.formanotizie.eu.  Formanotizie will be one of the tool for the dissemination of the results of the project.