PTNX is the German data science and business analytics company located in Bonn. Our core competencies lie in the areas of research and development within smart solutions and software systems, project management and solutions for data science and business analytics areas. Human resources at Petanux have extensive experience in setting up research projects, developing innovative ideas, running successful project management and exploiting research results into the market. One of the big highlights of the Petanux is that all staff members have worked in/collaborated with different reputable and well-known research groups and companies in the frame of funded (European and German) research and industry projects. The main goal at Petanux is to support the industrialization of scientific outcomes and bridge the gaps between academia and industry. To this aim, Petanux applies scientific methods and algorithms in order to benefit industries. In particular, we use machine learning and artificial intelligence for digitalization of business processes, strengthening customer support solutions, facilitating business analytics, providing novel marketing solutions, maximizing retail profits as well as providing novel smart services.