Multiplier Event in Rome


The aim of the DISKOW Multiplier Event in Rome was to present our substantial progress with respect to the project Intellectual Outputs to a wide audience consisting of relevant stakeholders and other organizations. The multiplier event brought together important stakeholders of the project such as for example migrants in Valverde (Italy), relevant industry stakeholders and representatives of related projects and of the associated partner FSOP (Fondazione per lo Sviluppo dell´Oltrepó Pavese),


The goal of the morning session is to introduce the DISKOW project to a larger audience, including guests from Valverde, providing the project context, goals and discuss the needs of asylum seekers and validate the collected requirements. The whole session is provided in Italian to facilitate the participation of local representatives. The event was opened by Claudio Biestro, (the HR Director of Engineering Group) and Danilo Marini (the Deputy Mayor of Colli Verdi). Ivana Marenzi (LUH) then introduced the perspective of asylum seekers, their experiences and burning issues at hand, and importantly how DISKOW plans to address these issues via the project’s objectives and our initial findings, progress made through our intellectual outputs.

The second session aims to dive into the project details, update the project sensibility on the state of the art and define the next steps for DISKOW as well as for other collaborations. In this session, the DISKOW coordinator (Ujwal Gadiraju) alongside the Petanux partner (Mahdi Bohlouli), presented the substantial progress made within the intellectual outputs of DISKOW to showcase the challenges that the ‘DISKOW Job Knowledge Base’ can overcome. The challenges pertaining to accessing job data sources across the Web were also highlighted.


As a direct result of the dissemination event, the Italian association Finis Terrae provided a signed letter of intent to become an associated partner of DISKOW and offered their collaboration in the future project activities.