IO2: Online Data Sources for the European Labor Market

IO2 report is broadly addressing two main tasks of the DISKOW project: identification of potential data sources and evaluating them with the proposed schema of IO1. Hence, the first part of the report mostly focused on the identification and classification of different online data sources. This report has classified the job portals into three categories: global job portals, European job portals, and local country-specific job portals. This report has explored multiple existing job portals. Next, this report has tried to identify the most relevant and accessible data sources for developing JKB. Subsequently, DISKOW project partners are contacting these job portals for accessing the data. In addition, this report has also explored open data sources such as social media. This report has explored Twitter data as one of the potential sources for social media data and discussed the merits and demerits of this open data source. This report has also developed a framework to create a job knowledge base from social media data. The next portion of the report extends the findings of IO1. This report has tried to evaluate and verified the schema prepared by IO1 in the context of various potential data sources, and finally, this report has suggested how the data sources, identified by IO2, and the schema prepared by IO1, can be integrated into the subsequent intellectual outputs.